Initial Post: AKA The Beginning of Something Great

I’ve finally decided to start my own personal blog. I’ve tired many times and years ago but I couldn’t commit to it. No I feel as if I’m ready to start it and actually stick with it. I look up to the many beauty, fashion, or photography gurus who commit to posting and updating their blogs. I always worry if someone will actually read the things I post on here. It would kind of be lame if I was the only one reading my blog. But in all honesty I wouldn’t mind now. One day this blog will become BIG and I’ll realize all this hard work has paid off.

I will still use my Tumblr pages, but only to post some of my photography and just reblog other people’s pictures. I feel like actually having my own blog is a way of myself stepping up.

Anyways, I’m kind of over this post now and I’m tired of type. Time to get to the fun part of having a blog … DESIGNING IT.